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One Dime Shy

"One Dime Shy" is a classic rock/pop/country/R&B/ dance/jam band from the Scranton, Pa. area that will not only bring back great memories of what you were used to listening to a few years ago in your history but also a band that plays some up to date current material....that you may not expect.  "One Dime Shy"  is energetic, has stage presence and can move a crowd into swinging and swaying with our beat.  Go on....give us a try.  And at the end you will notice that we gave you all you expected....and more.  We may be "One Dime Shy" but you get your monies  worth.  Our membership in our band uses influences from diverse backgrounds. Christi, our female lead vocalist, of course enjoys Janis Joplin but is not stuck in the past.  She also enjoys Indigo Girls, Tori Amos, Heart, Miranda Lambert and Alanis Morrissette.....not exactly what you would call living in the past.  Oh, did I mention she also enjoys Adele and Jenine Wilson?  Sorry, I thought I did.  Joe, our lead guitarist ( who we also have labeled "Grasshopper" ...come watch'll see why) of course is influenced by Jimmy Hendriz ( who isn't) and Richie blackmore, Jimmy Page, robin Trower, Robert Frip and Robert Frip. A rather diverse group, huh.  Bil, our bass player who keeps Christi laughing ...and I don't know why.... is influenced by John paul Jones, Tyrone Porter, Verdine White and....of course.....Jaco Pastorus.  A rather hefty list there.  And last, but surely not least, is our drummer Chris. Chris likes Charlie Watts, Ringo Starr  and  Robbie Bachman .  Some really nice company if I do say so myself.  Our band is also into the idea of developing original material however it is not our main drive. We know there is a need for bands in a 150 mile radius from where we are from ( the Scranton, Pa. area) that calls for the style of music we perform so to make our monthly nut we go that route. And with being members of the AFM we are hopeful that anyone reading this will consider us for their event and learn that what we do is worth us traveling to you.  But you have to take a chance first.  So go ahead........your not scared, are ya?  We can roll in with a small set-up with our P.A. system or we can roll in with a full blown outdoor venue full coverage set-up, whatever your needs are.  We do, however, have the ability to rent out our systems for live sound applications as a seperate entity business if we are not scheduled to perform.  Just keep that in mind. We like playing music.  We're not shy doing that.  We are a bit shy on funds......we're "ONE  DIME  SHY"                                                                                                               

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