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Hello  I'm. Bryan Tribble

("The tribble brothers")

we do originals

We are  located in Sandsprings Oklahoma

a suburb of tulsa Oklahoma USA 


Bryan is a very professional songwriter  has written over 400 songs and has had over 30 songs  on hold  by some of the biggest recording artists in music and with commercially written songs under MEarF music group.

bryan is professional songwriter  with over 40 years of skills of playing guitar bryan has tried his hand at playing in the popular play in tulsa Oklahoma at the spotlight theater as Harvey Green, the villain of the famous theatrical, play the drunkard "  Bryan"s music on other country radio stations everywhere  and all media websites under cd baby and is now trying to place the music under AFM go pro tunes head bryan "the Tribble Brothers "  consist of him and his brother Bryan and Keith Tribble, who is now a American Federation musicians union member as well  Bryan"s music is a BMI songwriter Bryan and Keith have been playing music there whole life  , we are Ready to open for all kinds of bookings anytime anywhere in any state or country  we are located in Oklahoma local 94 ready for to give top notch shows and performances you can ask for 

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