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When planning a party or special event, many people are faced with the problem of how to provide their guests with an experience that makes it stand out from other events, while having an elegant and distinctive character.  Jazz Forever is an elite ensemble of 10 top Houston musicians, and is a graceful blend of concert and dance band.  It boldy embodies the elegance and sophistication of a bygone era, yet delivering an engaging and satifying experience for the modern audience. Jazz Forever can help you set the right tone for your event.

The band has an unmatched repertoire.  Custom arrangements created especially for Jazz Forever effectively preserve and re-invigorate beautiful music from the past. Jazz Forever's extensive repertoire has the perfect fit for your event: from New Orleans Dixieland Jazz to energetic Big Band dance numbers to romantic vintage ballads. Jazz Forever has a unique style that is simulaneously reminiscent and visionary.


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